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  1. Yes, the language was set to English and Windows to USA settings, and I was running in Windows 7 compatibility mode, BUT only now I tried setting the executable file to Windows 7 Compatibility Mode and "Run as Administrator" for ALL users - PROBLEM SOLVED! Thus I joined the club of those who have problems with escribe and Windows (other than Win7). Even escribe support doesn't seem aware of this issue, they were asking me to download a new battery curve... THANK YOU ALL who responded so quickly and tried to help me!
  2. No, the only thing I changed was the screen orientation and I already can't write the setting to the device, I get this error. There's a whole thread on this HERE. I tried everything in that thread (short of installing a Virtual Machine on my Windows - too much for me...) Tried it on 3 different computers by now...
  3. I quit the analogues in August and to celebrate I bought myself as a Xmas present: an expensive (for me) box: Therion DNA133. Works like a dream, except I can't change even the screen orientation, because Escribe says: "EEPROM programming failed. Curve is not one-to-one." Now I did my homework with the help of this forum, I know several users had such issue, but all their solutions don't work for me, such as running Escribe in Windows 7 compatibility mode, switching Windows to USA settings (esp. the decimal period vs coma), switching Escribe language from auto to English, etc. What I did not try were some extremely high-tech solutions like running a Windows 7 virtual machine on top of Windows 10, because I'm not tech savvy enough for that. I contacted Lost Vape, but they only deal with dealers, I contacted my dealer (FastTech) and they are happy to replace, but that means many weeks in transit both ways and I can't even be sure if the problem is with my Therion, or my PC/Windows/something else, in which case I'll wait 2 months and get another Therion with an identical problem... Any advice? Many thanks in advance! Martin G.