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  1. Thank you...thank you!! loading this up now
  2. would this file work for single battery ?
  3. It looks like it may be my battery drain curve cause the batteries seem to work well and are showing higher % on DNA 40. Anyone have the files for LG H2 single battery? a battery analyzer run didn't do well.
  4. I'm using a custom made c&c mto. It's basically draining about 1 % per firing.
  5. Hi Y'all. I have been using my DNA75C for about a month now and I noticing fast battery drains. I normally vape at about 25W and about .5-.7 Ohms in Watts mode. I can sometimes also swear that its draining in Idle mode. I have set it on stealth mode. but that doesn't seem to help. Any thoughts on this matter would be much appreciated.