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  1. Great thanks, They're accepting creditcard only. No paypal or anything....strange If i enter my credit card data the system says: An error occurred, please try again or try an alternate form of payment.
  2. Hi guys, i've just successfully destroyed the screen of my DNA75C . Google untill death but can't find any shop where to get a new one. Any ideas from you guys where i could purchase one? cheers
  3. zere

    Wiring DNA75C for 2x18650

    THX a lot to all. Can be closed.
  4. zere

    Wiring DNA75C for 2x18650

    and no needs to solder anything other then the wires to the batteryholder?
  5. zere

    Wiring DNA75C for 2x18650

    But it doest say anything about 2 batteries
  6. Hey guys, I'm wondering if someone could help with a wiring diagram for the DNA75C and, if necessary, what is to be soldered on the borad itself? Thanks in advance, zere