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  1. Yes i saw the video about it. But evolv help desk said that probably it is the down button that is stucked so i need to open it and see what is going on.
  2. So i must use escribe to check what is wrong with it?? I ll go and check the trobleshooting thread to understand what o could do with it.
  3. It is on a Billet box no usb port. But when it appears the evolv code product with few numbers i ll guess that is not a good sign. Because i vaped with it, and then the power went down by it self and i cant do much if it looks like i cant unlock the res
  4. It is blocked. When i press to unlock it doesnt actually unlock. The fire button doesnt work anymore.
  5. Hi, i have received a billet box with the dna60 brand new from the shop. I installed a ssocc clapton coil 0,5ohm and vaped at 35watts. After the second tank, i reffiled it and just after few vapes the power went down to 8.5 watts, cliking the up button it appear the press up and down to lock the res, but i didnt need and want to block it and last it appears the chip code from evolve and from that point i cant do nothing. I changed battery, coil, but same thing happened. What it could be?? Im so sad about it!! Thanks for your help.
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