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    DNA board discharging battery

    That's sounds more in line with my experience. I guess I'll submit a help ticket since something is not right. Thanks Brandon.
  2. jevon

    DNA board discharging battery

    I just started having a similar issue with my battery draining. I took it apart last night and made a connecter to go inline with the battery to measure current. I measured 0.1 Amps at idle. This picture was taken after 30 minutes of sitting idle on my table, still drawing 0.1 Amps. Is this normal? It seems awfully high for the microcontroller to draw that much current. Shouldn't it be in the 10's of milliamps? Does Evolve use the sleep timers available in their microcontroller?I'm going to look into it further this evening. Anyone have any ideas? Jevon
  3. jevon

    Screw Size

    I used 0-80 machine screws for mine. Worked great. They're available in lengths up to 1 inch from mcmaster-carr (that's gotta be long enough I hope). I prefer to use english/imperial/standard dimensions for everything though, since that's what the majority of my tooling is.
  4. jevon

    Let's see your 200's!

    I got a chance to mill out the window for the display using a 3/32" end mill. The screen is registered in place much like the Evolv reference case was. I also decided to wrap the carbon fiber sleeve with leather. It feels nice in the hand, I like the look, and it smells like leather to boot! I'll cut out another carbon sleeve when I get a chance, so i'll be able to change the look if I want. Also the polished aluminum looks great but scratches way to easy. Still going to get it anodized, maybe silver. Thoughts?Should have it working sometime this week.
  5. jevon

    Let's see your 200's!

    Hey thanks, I appreciate it. I'll definitely post pictures when I'm finished. I wish I had a CNC machine too! This was all done on a well worn manual Bridgeport mill. Started as a 2"x 4" block and took me 6 hours to mill.
  6. jevon

    Let's see your 200's!

    Here's my "not quite done, but can't help and post" dna200. I still need to mill out the window for the display and turn some buttons on the lathe. Made of aluminum and real carbon fiber. Once done I'm getting the aluminum hard coat anodized.Jevon