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  1. marcsz

    Alternative LED

    Will definitively do that. Actual delivery time for the switches is 8-10 weeks. So it will take some time...
  2. marcsz

    Alternative LED

    Thank you very much Nick for the information. Looks great!@retirdIf anybody else now wants to do something like this the information is available for every one in here and not only in my email inbox.
  3. marcsz

    Alternative LED

    So if customer support is held high there should be a reply. :-D
  4. marcsz

    Alternative LED

    I expected Evolv to be visiting this forum from time to time and answer questions other users can't answer. Are they really not showing up here?!? Unfortunately not regarding my construction. I don't use the button on the board.
  5. marcsz

    Alternative LED

    Hi everyoneI thought about using a illuminated switch with RGB capabilities. I will then connect the LED's of the switch to the pins on the DNA75 (after removing the existing RGB LED). Before doing so I need some specs regarding the LED.- I need a pin-out of the on-board LED to see which pad is R,G,B and mass.- What is the maximum current which could be drawn? The switch I found needs 20mA on each channel and I don't expect that this much current could actually be drawn (but would be nice tho).- What are the voltage levels provided for each colour? The voltage levels on the switch I found are as follows: Red=1.8V; Green/Blue=2.8VHere is a link to the datasheet of the switch I thought about using: in advance for answering my questions!