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  1. nvm. found my answer.
  2. Hello! Tried looking for an answer and couldn't find it. I wanted to know what resistance range the DNA Go will automatically fire in DL mode vs MTL mode. Thank you!
  3. mfj

    DNA 250

    Thank you! That is very helpful! Just waiting patiently for the fix lol
  4. mfj

    DNA 250

    It's definitely not the power supply. I've tried several.
  5. mfj

    DNA 250

    I am using a 2.1 amp wall wart charger. It's not adjustable.
  6. mfj

    DNA 250

    My DNA 250 is having issues holding 2 amps at charging for some reason. Anyone test this out?
  7. mfj

    DNA 250

    For everyone wondering:"Hello Martin,Thank you for your interest in the DNA 250. For purchasing details, please email and be sure to include your full company name, examples of devices you manufacture, your shipping and billing information, and any applicable URLs related to your business and your products.DNA 250 quantities will be extremely limited until October 2016, and we appreciate your patience in acquiring boards this early in production.Thanks,Eric DEvolv, LLC"
  8. mfj

    DNA 250

    So where can we order one?