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    2 sdna 75’s, Psyclone SqEvo DNA 60, Solera dna 40

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  1. actually I think it’s the rda I’m using a dead rabbit SE with dual ss coils in it’s meant for a single coil but I put in dual coils moved by the airflow it is a way better vape but i just put it on my old dna75 and it did the same thing,, So it’s the rda not reading right thanks for your help
  2. I have a Psyclone SqEvo When I go to the ss profile on my mod it just says off when I fire it the 460 degrees says off when I fire it confusing thing is I accidentally got it working in temp control in non dominant temp mode where the temp is small watts big but I left it and can’t find what profile it was using,, did my mod sense I was using SS316 and switched it on it’s own ..have used device moniter can’t figure out why it’s saying OFF when I use a temp control profile in temp dominant mode, it Should say the temperature not OFF,,also having problem with weak battery signal when battery is fully charged A 20amp battery should have no problem doing 50 watts kinda disappointed with this DNA60 chip I’ve had 40’s and several dna75’s no issues with temp control or battery issues..Any info is greatly appreciated
  3. I am using SS316 I can’t get the mod to use temp control it says off where the temp is when I fire it I have went into escribe to try and figure it out.. works great in power mode wish I had titanium or nickel wire to test it. Just really frustrated Have had many evolve chip mods and have never had this issue, I was frustrated and just pushing random buttons and I accidentally got it in to temp control in a profile that’s not on my mod it was in a non temp dominant Temp mode ,,so the temp was little watts were big,,was working great ,, confused as hell now I can’t find the profile it was using and my SS temp profile are not working they say off when i fire it ,,I’m using new ss coils I just made dual at .22 ohms If you have any idea what’s going on maybe I’m just missing something dumb let me know if ya got an idea thanks
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