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  1. ColonelPanicky

    Lack of new devices?

    I've just pre-ordered a jacvapour series b 75w for £49 (inc battery) using POTV15 coupon. So there is still a demand!- It says they probably wont ship until mid April though- anyway, bound to be better than my vt75 nano that's gradually eating it's own threads! 😕
  2. ColonelPanicky

    Lack of new devices?

    I'm looking for a replacement DNA device to replace my aging VT200, which unfortunately died at the weekend due to water damage 😕 Looking on Fasttech and gearbest it looks like virtually ALL appealing DNA devices have been discontinued 😞 No idea why this is? Have DNA chips suddenly gotten a lot more expensive for Chinese manufacturers to procure, or is there just a lack of interest now that everything is all about 'Pod Vaping' these days?... What I'd really like is a small form factor DNA 60 or DNA 75c capable of taking 18650/20700/21700 for future-proofing. Anyone have any suggestions? Cheers!
  3. ColonelPanicky

    Hcigar VT200 battery options

    I've been watching these threads with interest, but shudder at the thought of taking a dremel to a new device! What is the maximum capacity aftermarket battery that can be installed in the VT200 'as is' without taking a dremel to the mod? I'm guessing it's limited by those silly 'shelves' in the battery door, are there any that are a similar size to the original battery size, but offer a slightly better capacity?Cheers!
  4. ColonelPanicky

    Suggestions for alternative HCigar VT200 batteries

    I do apologise if this has been asked before, and I know it's known that HCigar's quoted 1300mah is incorrect and closer to 1000-1100mah. It's a real shame, if I'd known this before I got the device I probably would have got the Lost Vape Efusion, since the inside pics show that device is making really good use of internal space and rocking a genuine 1300mah battery.(Interestingly when I received my device, HCigar had pre-populated it with 12.21 WHr (e.g. 1100mah!!!)Looking inside the HCigar VT200 there does seem to be a fair bit of wasted space, with the battery 'shelves'/ battery securing protrusions etc.I was just wondering if anyone has replaced the VT200's default battery with one from another supplier, if so what was the maximum mah/ WHr battery you managed to squeeze in?- if you could provide a link that would be really helpful- I did have a look on hobbyking with the known dimensions of the battery, but couldn't see anything similar...Also, has anybody made any internal modifications to fit in a larger battery, how did this go, and what did you manage to fit in?Again apologies if this has cropped up quite a few times, but searching previous threads I couldn't see that there was a definitive answer to the above.Many Thanks!Joe