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    Let's see your 75c's

    Bit of a lash up but was quite keen to play with this board. Got a bit happy with the milling around the USB. 1mm brass sheet.
  2. Wibberly

    Let's see your 200's!

    Adding two fire buttons was not such a bright idea, seemed good at the time. I was not sure how effective placing the fire button on top would be, works really well and now wonder if I could software disable the onboard one but I think I already know the answer if logic has anything to do with it.
  3. Wibberly

    Let's see your 200's!

    So the up/down buttons are Vamo buttons and the fire button is a cut down kitchen shelf support pin
  4. Wibberly

    Let's see your 200's!

    I wanted to see how small I could make my enclosure. The battery connection and wire gauge is not ideal but I'm unlikely to run it at full pelt.
  5. Wibberly

    Let's see your 200's!

    My contraption