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  1. melbvfr

    DNA 60 - Not reading anything on output

    Point is - with 510 connected across "OUT" and "GND" pads - multimeter shows Resistance correctly - however eScribe and board show no Resistance - "Check Atomiser". Double and triple checked Grounding - both B- and GND pads continuity checked - board powers up - Escribe sees it - so B+ is ok . . . Reads voltage on Battery ok . . Opened a Ticket now . . . Hopefully the boards' not Borked ! Photos at : No resistance
  2. Trying to get my SXK 70W BB Transplanted to DNA 60 - got the DNA 60 board - loaded profile and settings via eScribe - connected it up to BB. Problem : Not reading any resistance across output - all I get is "Check Atomizer" - had the board out twice - double checked with 510 connector with known resistance - across the output and GND - same issue as in BB. Plugged board with 510 soldered correctly - shows correct resistance with multi meter across pads. - connected to Escribe - no resistance in "Monitor Device" . Tried "Hard Reset" in Escibe. If there a fuse or output breaker that can be reset ? Tried using console to read resistence - same R=? Do I have a duff board ? Output "blown" ? - any further debugging I can do ?