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  1. I went so far as to label the 510' and left little or no explanation. could one chip be used to create a home style APV that has a build station with a 510a that meters a build and 510b in a very comfortable to hold hand piece with just a fire button and up/down. I guess the screen could be set up on the build box and it could be adjusted to flavor. If this was done how could you do it so it does't void any protection that evolv has?
  2. So if one was to fire the 510a calling it the one closest to the chip and 510b being far away. using a 12 g pair wouldn't create anything troubling would it?
  3. I'm no electronics expert but I have read many of the users posts for years in other forums and have always given helpful advise. Would it be possible to run any other type of connection and possibly run two screens off a single DNA 200? I know enough to get myself in trouble, but my knowledge on electronics and what problems I could run into will get me into trouble so I'm asking. Please put this in the proper place if I am asking the wrong questions or more than one in a single post. With a switch(a/b) could it fire a second 510 connection? If two 510's were attached and only one was being used would it need a switch or would it tell me to check atty? Could the screen and all tac buttons be run on the board, and a second set of screen, fire, mom/tac switches be run a length of 1-2 meters(5-7feet)? How large would the cable need to be? If this isn't possible could you run all the necessary wires(+/-,balance connector) 1-2meters? How large would the wire need to be(if it's a case where the longer they run the larger wire is needed is there a table or formula I could use?) I want to thank everyone that's apart of this discussion, and i hope this isn't a laundry list of new comer dumb questions. If so that's a bummer hi! I know some of these questions are already answered n if that's the case it can be left alone, but if not please help I'm usually try first and if didn't work, keep going. In this case I want to know before I do some work that can't be undone. I'm thinking a 2liter squonk/bottom feeder with the power to keep it going. Not really, but I'd take it camping! Thanks Rob J LTG