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  1. Thanks for that retird thats helped a lot cheers
  2. An update i think i have now found out what the problem was with it sagging i found the owner had try to repair it but the wire was only rated 8 amp which at the time i didn't know and with it open i could see when pressing the fire button the wire was smoking so quick question again as i will replace the wire i was thinking 30 to 35 amp rated wire would that be correct thanks
  3. thanks for your reply all my other DNA's is a straight wire but for some reason the pride has this the wire from the top of that plate goes to the positive on the battery tube so it's confused me what the plate does
  4. This is on the good one just thought i'd post a pic of the plate thing
  5. yea i will make a direct connection iv'e no idea what it is i even looked at my other athena pride which works fine and that for some reason has the same plate thing
  6. sorry it was on the positive wire not the negative
  7. yea i got that wrong its a plate on the positive wire under the shrink tube was like white tape or something the wire came from the connection of the top of the battery to the plate thing and from the other end of the plate it went to the board
  8. hi the sag is not before it gets to the board i have checked the power to the board while firing with a multimeter and is ok is the voltage coming back off the board to the 510 is where it drops i checked the out put direct from the board and thats where it's dropped to 1.8v there is no short or anything so im guessing a resistor or something on the board has gone
  9. Think i have found the problem i'm guessing it needs a new board as iv'e stripped it down and checked the wire going to the board and it's showing 3.7v which is fine but the wire that comes from the board that goes to the 510 is only showing 1.88v from the connection off the board so i'm guessing it could be a resistor or something that's gone whats your thoughts
  10. ill go through all the connections it must be one of them as i say iv'e tried a battery from my other mod so iv'e ruled the battery out
  11. yea thanks for that i tried a different battery that i know is good iv'e looked at the connections and seem ok
  12. on this one i've ticked the currant & voltage which is showing 8.26a and only 1.88 v
  13. i'm using the manta works fine on all my other 75w mods its got 2 fused claptons 3mm dia been using the tank a few months with no problems the problem is on a Athena pride which i have 2 and it works fine on one i even tried a different tank as you can see when firing it drops straight down
  14. hi thanks for the quick reply hope you can shed some light
  15. anyone come across this the problem i'm having is i set it 70w press the power button and it shows its only giving about 18w at 8.5a and only 1.8v i have tried the tank on my other 75w and works fine its just on this mod as though it's not giving enough voltage to run at 70w checked wiring all fine
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