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    DNA200 Triade
  1. Softarno

    Screen not working correctly. Mod still working fine?

    As Giz_60 said most likely its the firing bottom been pressing the screen ribbon and it got damaged. My issue has been sorted by communicating with Evolv and they sent me another screen i had replaced it and its working well now i even had made a clip about it you can check it out on YouTube you can check the link
  2. Softarno

    Reuleaux DNA 200 Screen Ribbon Fix Yes/No

    Well hi guys I am having similar problem with my lost vape triade my worry is that the screen already went black do you think this ribbon shift will help it come back to live?
  3. Softarno

    Screen not working correctly. Mod still working fine?

    Thanks for the reply I will also try to contact Evolv as well But the screen never been cracked or damaged and even the device never fall down or anything, but the dimming happened like the brightness went down then on the next day it went further lower in brightness , but now its absolutely black. I contacted lost vape waiting for their reply and I will contact evelv as well.
  4. Softarno

    Screen not working correctly. Mod still working fine?

    Well It seems I have the same issue, been using my triade DNA200 for about 3 or 4 months now, never gone to escripe and never used anything but power mode, and always my range was maximum 55W, only yesterday noticed the screen brightness dimmed a bit, and today morning it kept on dimming and dimming till its black now nothing can be seen, yet the mod fires and can be on and off , but nothing to be seen on the screen, is there anyway for a help in how to fix this issue? I saw someone said he replaced the screen, is this the only way to sort this issue out?and does evolv have a warranty on the screens?