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  1. Hello ! To finish the translation into French Escribe I lack the correct msgid for: in the window Help-> About Escribe: Copyright 2011-2015 Dimension Engineering Inc. Developed under contract by James F. Bellinger. Toolbar icons provided by VisualPharm. U.S. Patent and the Theme tab: All default screens Copyright 2015 Evolv Inc. For use only in Evolv electronics. What is the exact msgid EScribe.po to put in? Thank you.
  2. I have used version EScribe but I still have not connected the chipset DNA200 I receive in 7 days (approximately) I prepare my profiles Thank you.
  3. Could we have a tuning display t ° in ° C or ° F in EScibe because when I rule ° C in the General tab I still have the adjustment in ° F in the mod tab / configuration / heat and the temperature setting room in the window opening with thermal analyzer so now I play with a mix of ° C and ° F which can be a source of error for configuration. Thank you
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