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  1. Dobo

    DNA 60

    Should I return Epetite to the shop or is there an easy solder job involved so I could attempt a repair?
  2. Dobo

    DNA 60

    It seems you're right and it's a 510 issue. It has a hard time accepting coils, reading atomizer shorted or check atomizer many times before accepting the atomizer.Atomizer analyzer shows ohms jumping between 0.75-0.9.Yes, I have profile name selected and it doesn't show. I presume it's because it never enters temperature sensing mode.Thanks for the USB current info.
  3. Dobo

    DNA 60

    I just received an Epetite DNA 60 by Lost Vape. There are few problems with the device:When attaching a new atomizer, board asks new / old question, but reads the resistance much higher than it should be. But after choosing new / old the correct resistance is displayed on the rest screen.It doesn't sense the temperature control coils and goes to wattage mode (displaying OFF) when firing atomizers with SS 316l coils (the same atomizers working flawlessly on DNA 250).I also tried temperature controlled vaping with nickel prefabricated heads of Uwell Crown on Epetite and it showed atomizer short, when it worked perfectly on other mods.Display doesn't show Profile Name on temperature dominant screen when setting up through Escribe instead displaying power dominant screen.Display doesn't show current draw while charging, when I set it up through Escribe.Does anyone have an idea what's the problem?