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  1. Version 1.0.0


    I made a this theme for my Billet Boxes. I hope you like it! I've added some material screens in the zip too........ profiles.zip
  2. Thanks........at least I'm not going mad......battery meter must be automatic then......thanks for your time.......
  3. thanks....sorry if I wasn't clear......but I have the Manufacturer interface/mod tab, and I still can't see where to input the W/Hrs?
  4. I have the Mod Tab, but I can't find the W/Hrs field? Or the #cells field? Am I going mad?
  5. Perfect sense.........thank you............
  6. Can anyone tell be what connections I need for DATA ONLY (no charging), using a breakout board like this...
  7. I finally got it finished! It's a bit of a brick, but I'm happy! Here's the build log with all the photos! DNA200 by laurie9300.pdf - Google Drive
  8. as it is (black GND) i get 1. 3.8 2. 7.6 3. 11.5 red as GND i get (plug flipped) 1. -3.8 2. -7.6 3. -11.5
  9. LiPo noob here......... There seems to be no standard wire colours for the balance wires? I'm using a GensAce 1300 battery, of course the balance connector came pre-wired. This looks correct acording to the DNA datasheet, the pin numers/wire colours just look wrong. Please confirm for me this will be correct when I wire it up?
  10. any thoughts on my original question?
  11. I own a variety of Temp mods and I have found myself varying the temp far more than the wattage. Is it possible to re-map the up/down buttons to directly adjust temp instead of wattage? Love my DNA20, Love my DNA30s, Love my DNA40s........looking forward to my 200!
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