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Preheat going into overdrive?? Or resistance issue...


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Hey guys. So I've been having this issue every now and then with my Hcigar VT200 where when I press the fire button the wattage blasts at 120-150% of my set wattage for at least a full second. And I can see the wattage go that high on my display. My current build is a dual 10 wrap 24gTi/36gKA1 clapton build in my Velocity at 0.14 ohms. But it has happened with my spaced SS coils as well I believe. I'm using escribe and the latest firmware and the Steam Engine Ti1 csv which works fine 99% of the time. Preheat at 120w/4 punch/0.5 sec with set wattage at 55 watts. It hasn't happened in a while but it happened last night right after disconnecting from my laptop after changing some screens. I double-checked afterwards to make sure my profiles were unaltered and they weren't. But yeah it just fires at like 100 watts for at least one second and then drops to 55. I put it away after a couple semi-dry hits last night and this morning picked it up and it was fine.

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As I've mentioned a few times, Preheat is flawed. On SS I just simply don't use it. A Clapton requires a lot of power. To debug I'd raise the wattage to 100W and turn off Preheat (1,1,0). When I say Preheat is flawed, it's flawed in that often (depends on settings) it over shoots the set Temperature so you get this roller-coaster effect. Our Clapton's are close but I'm using 24 gauge Titanium core and 34 gauge Clapton plus an extra wrap. Since this flaw is present and you have the Aromamizer remove the tank, saturate the wick to a normal amount, not flooded, set the Wattage way high obviously with TC on and blow over the coils and note the wattage over at least 3-4 seconds. That's the Base Wattage needed for your set Temperature. Try that for a while and see if it's stable. Now for Preheat say it's 70W * 120% - 70W * 150% or 84W - 105W using 0.5-1.0 second. Let me know.

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