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Improvment but still a flaw.


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Ok, so I have had 2 board go bad while using temp control with TI1 wire, sent both to evolv and got replacements back, the first 2 boards both died while taking a hit, just shut off as the fuses blew, got the new boards, installed everything and all has been good till a few minutes ago (am at 2051 hits on the new board), while taking a hit my mod just shut off, but here is the kicker, was able to hit the fire button and turn it right back on! I know when I sent the first 2 board in I detailed everything I could and explained that I have dna200 mods running non TC with zero problems, but the 2 mods that I run TC on popped the fuses, so it looks like they have found where the problem is, and instead of the fuse popping then made it just kill power 100%, I think they are on the road to getting it solved. hope to hear more from evolv on where the problem comes from.

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