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Csv. Discharge Profile For Boxer Mod


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Does anyone have the discharge profile for the Dan 200 boxer mod? It curies the zippy compact 1000 mAh 3s 11.1v 25/35 burst lipo pack. I've googled for it and asked on FB, but haven't found a discharge graph yet. I unfortunately can't do it because I don't own a resistor. Now I'm hoping to fine help here. Wish you all a wonderful vape!

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I made a really simple battery discharge "curve" just from 4.2V as 100% to 3.1V as 0% with no points between so the meter shows an even discharge. welcome feedback if i haven't done this correctly/ safely though.

Not sure if this is applicable for your boxer, but i'm using this on my 1000mah lipo.


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mikepetro said:

Stick it in here. There are 17 Battery Results posted so far, the battery results are on the right hand tab visible at the bottom.

Form to enter a Battery Test Result:

Please support this effort!

Ive already done it mate.
The only problem is that you need also a column for the cut off and maybe a option for downloading the cvs files. and I can't change the values if I want to add something Ive forgotten.
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mikepetro said:

Tell me you edits and I will make them.
You can also use the comment field for stuff that you feel is relevant, like the soft cutoff.

I am the one one who made the profile for the zippy compact 1000mha.
forgotten to enter the ohms and watts.

ohms are 0.25 at 40 watts. cutoff 3.10v

Maybe you can't somehow upload the csv file as well.


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