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Feature Request - Added Display Settings

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Hi guys, gals Might I be bold enough to request a possibly very subjective feature? I'd very much like an additional screen setting for idle mode. While the active and charging screens are awesome, I personally would like to set up my active screen show: temp, volts and amps. For charging: WH, USB current and percent full. But it would be great to be able to monitor each cell as well, and that could be possible if I had a third screen. Also in temp mode, while firing (active), I think the wattage could be less prominent because it isn't used as much once you set it and is of almost no relevance. Maybe it could give way to 3 slots like there is for the other side. This might not be an issue for most, especially those with Windows PCs at home. I however, only have a Windows PC at work and a Mac at home, where I actually have time to poke around with Escribe and device monitor to see individual cells. I think it would also come in handy for when we are out and about as a way to pick up a dying cell before it gets too low. Anyway just a thought, possibly not that hard to integrate to the DNA 200, but would add so much possibility for customisation.

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