DNA 75 - HCIGAR VT75 nano/Resistance problem

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On 2017-2-25 at 6:11 PM, Kostant said:

Look at this link


post 525 and 526

This may be a definitive solution

I made the fix and it works


My VT75 nano had gotten to the point that it was unusable - the threads on the body, 510 plate and battery plate needed to be cleaned every few hours. I made this fix using the 510 ground tab from a fat daddy V4 (it's already the right size with a solder tab on it) and a wire from the board battery negative directly to the battery negative. The wire touching the battery negative I spread out and applied a bit of solder to the end to prevent fraying or stray wires; I did this so that I could change the battery - with a plate on the negative you cannot remove the battery and must charge it with the USB. I needed to dremel a little channel in the battery housing to pass the wire through. Even with a thin wire touching the battery, the battery plate doesn't screw in fully, but stands a little proud of the housing.

That said, the fix seems to make a lot of difference. My multimeter continuity tester was beeping on and off when checking the connection between 510 base plate and the thread of the battery plate. With the mod done, no connectivity issue at all - just one constant tone from the continuity checker. So far, after two days it's been performing perfectly. This was a very boneheaded engineering decision by Hcigar. If they'd bothered to test it properly for even a week they would have noticed this issue and gone with a modified design.

Thank you @Kostant for posting the link. It's an elegant fix that works very nicely.

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