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  1. Happened the same to mine, 3 hours of use total, picked it up the next morning battery bay completely flooded, liquid got in through the top battery contact, and liquid coming out of where the base and the battery bay meet, left it top down on the table since i didn't want to get more liquid inside, and it then started to come out of the front part of the case.

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  2. On 4/19/2019 at 9:27 AM, Kitsune said:

    Hello Hyperar, may I ask if you've totally disassembled and cleaned your goon 1.5 as well as cleaned the 510 connector on your mods?

    As it sounds like you've got a conductor issue.

    Yeah, i look around and it seems a pretty common issue with the Goon 1.5, those who fixed the issue (not all AFAIK) disassembled the whole thing and gave it a good clean, i did it and it works much better, not perfect (reads a little bit high) but resistance not longer jumps, i'll give it another clean to see if it reads resistances accurately. Thanks for your response.

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  3. Hi, i have a Goon 1.5, and i have had this problem with my two Paranormals 250C and also a Triade 250C, where the cold ohms jump around 0.170 and 0.230, but while firing the ohms stay constant at 0.128, i also used this atomizer with that same coil in another mod and haven't experienced that issue, the ohms stay constant at 0.13.

    These coils are all Kanthal, and also happened with another set of coils, which i assumed it was a problem with the coils, but with these new ones it's the same. Any idea what might be happening?

    Thanks in advance

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