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    They are set up different because you have the triade set on Kanthal. When the wire is not replayable it shows boost instead of replay. So assuming your wire is replayable, the mod senses this automatically, set it to your own profile or pick a stock wire profile like ss316.


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    I've been toying with the idea of using 1 watt increments cause it'd be better for myself as well. I left it that way because I wanted the theme to appeal to more people. And I know you can go into eScribe and change it yourself :)

    About the battery icon, I actually made the battery icon in 256x256 cause my plan was to make it huge on the lock screen. Unfortunately whilst the DNA 250/75c is the finest chipset ever made the one thing Evolv messed up on was the amount of memory for themes. Pictures eat the memory and a half screen size full colour battery would actually take about 33% of it. 

    It is my sincere hope Evolv double the memory on future releases, memory is cheap on the manufacturers end, I could make a truly stunning theme with double the memory.

  3. 2 versions in the download box now 250C and 75C. I took out the power bank features. I can't test it as i don't have a 75.

    There's a chance that the replay features might be causing conflict at the moment as you guys don't have it yet. If thats the case I guess you'll have to wait.

    Latest i've heard on 75 Replay is that they have it fairly dialled  in and have been getting nice stable numbers, but you know Evolv won't release it until its bang on.

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