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้How to fix? EEPROM

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1 minute ago, dwcraig1 said:

Removing the battery and leaving it out for a minute will reboot the board, did you try that already?


Still haven't removed the battery at all, try removing it first. How long does it take? Thank you very much. dwcraig1 

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9 minutes ago, dwcraig1 said:

Most times this error is caused by a bad USB cable, do you have some more that you could try? I understand that you already tried one other one but try some more if possible.


I have changed the 4 lines, but I have an error with different numbers. Change the computer port usb error😭 Thank for you help dwcraig1🙏


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19 minutes ago, dwcraig1 said:

There  have been situations where the DNA board didn't want to work with  some USB 3.0 ports. But would work on USB 2.0



Try usb2.0 as usual, discouraged for three days, thank you very much.Wayneo dwcraig1🙏💗

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