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asmodus oni 166/250 check battery

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I've got the problem where the screen comes on when I press the button but then shuts down again, when I have batteries in the mod and connect it to the PC it does stay on but then all the values on the screen are 0.00.

in device monitor cell 1 says 0.01v but cell 2 says 5.28. seems like a battery balancing issues on the boards end as the batteries do work in other mods without any issues. The mod is a little older but I has worked fine up until 3 hours ago.



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Your battery management chip appears blown. You could open an RMA with the Help Desk. Link in my signature.

Friendly advice: You don't need to create duplicate posts here. 👋

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None of us moderators are evolv employees.

evolv has an official 1 year warranty on the board, but has been seen to go above and beyond.

5 minutes of your time and you’ll have an official answer within a  business day or two

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