Question about Lost Vape Orion authenticity on "Device Information" screen

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I saw that another user had posted a "Device Information" screen that looked very different from mine here: 

Their screen says "Lost Vape Limited GENUINE" in blue and green, whereas mine is B&W with no such assurance. Is this just a difference in software, or is there something sketchy about my mod?

I have a Lost Vape Orion Plus and am using Escribe 2.0 SP19 on MacOS 10.15.4.

Thanks in advance for any help—this seems like a great forum!

Thanks 05-05-2020-15_41_08.thumb.jpg.e18dc5acc3279455834db3448ea22493.jpg



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I would think you are fine...  the Production History is the date the DNA board was programmed...

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