Max Output Voltage on the Triade 250C ?

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Hi Guys,

I was visiting the SmokerStore Shop in Dortmund yesterday (very nice and competent stuff working there) and we talked about some things.

When I mentioned that I am experimenting at the moment with high ohms coils the guy behind the counter told me, that the general problem would be the max Output Voltage comming out of a regulated mod.

As the manual (of the 250C chip) is not really going into details (it only says in general min. Output Voltage 0.2 Volts max. 10.0 Volts, but that (I guess) would be in a 4 batteries setting).

So I searched this forum (and online) and I could not find a definitive answer to my question, which is the max Voltage output of the (triple battery) Triade, (and maybe also the dual battery old Therion 75).

For example:

I like to build a 1.3Ω single coil with a standard 26AWG/0.4mm Kanthal A1 wire, ID=3mm, so steam engine calculates 9 wraps, and a mod setting of 28 Watts with a Voltage of 6.1 V.

Can the Triade deliver the 6.1 V or what is the max possible Voltage limit ? Would be nice to know because if there is a limit to it it would rule out some other builds if the mod can not deliver.


As always, thanks for your help in advance !


PS: If you know the limits of the old (not-c) therion 75, I would be interested in that value too ! As it would make sense to vape a high ohm coil on a small 75 W (2 battery) mod, as only +-20 W are needed, for example with a Flash-e-Vapor atty.

Also if there is a way to calculate the value, pls enlighten me... (at least from the manual it could not be the voltage of the batteries x number of batteries, as that would give the max Output Voltage of the DNA250C with 4 x 4.2 V a higher value as the mentioned 10.0 V)

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The DNA75 max voltage is 6.2 volts.

On a 250C with two cells max voltage seems to be the voltage of the cells under load.

On a DNA250  with two cells max is 6.2 volts.

On DNA200 with 2 cells max is 6 volts.

6.1 volts @ 1.3 ohm on a 2 cell DNA250C should be no problem.

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Thanks for the info. Appreciated !

Is there a formula to calculate it or is it manufacturer related ?

btw: the triade (250c) has 3 cells...

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I can only guess what it is for a 3 cell DNA250C.  I would think 10 volts as the data sheet states but always it can never be more than battery voltage under load.

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