Replace DNA200 with DNA75

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I have a Lavabox mod with the DNA200 board in.

Due to the lack of replacement batteries its currently unusable.

I wonder if I could replace the board with a DNA75 board and run of a single 18650?

I've downloaded the 3d models of both boards and am going to see if its physically possible but am I

wasting my time .

Any suggestions welcome or if anyone knows of a source of a battery ( UK )




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@drewk1 Have you checked local UK stockists, and which ones?

Edit: Easier than a 3D print you can check the respective datasheets here. https://www.evolvapor.com/

IIRC The 250, 200 and 75 share the same width and screw hole dimensions/location. The 75 is a tad shorter as there's no JST connection on the board.

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FWIW - I've installed DNA75 boards into ERM, DNA200/250, enclosures with no problems.  Screen, fire, up, down, mounting holes all line up perfectly plus you have the extra space at the bottom since, as Wayneo says, there's no JST connection because it's a single cell device.


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