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OEM and retail 250C Chip

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Hello , is there any difference between a chip installed from a manufacturer and one you can buy retail from Evolv - could i take a chip out of a ready made box with a 250C in it and install it in a custom enclosure , the mod box i have at the moment has a full set of actuators buttons but the enclose would require me to solder a wire from fire button up to the pcb board 

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so there should be no difference between a retail chip and a retail manufactured chip , same terminals and everything as obviously my box mod hasn't got the wired fire button but uses the touch pads to fire , if i get an enclosure then i would have to wire the fire button up with new actuator fire button and would escribe pick up the new battery config because i plan to use 2x21700 instead of 2x18650 , with a new battery sled . also i've seen those fire buttons which aluminate is it same terminal and wiring as a normal fire button you would wire


thanks for the time

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I have no idea about lights, perhaps someone will chime in.

The battery tap configurations are in the data sheet. I solder bridge mine right on the board......or you can wire it.

Generally the boards are the same, there are some exceptions like  Vaporshark  and others that remove parts of the buttons or add daughter boards.

2 x2xxxx is same as 2 18650's, you may want to change the discharge profile but that should not be necessary.

Which of your mods  is the donor?  I'm guessing the Vapecige squonk, the board from mine is in another mod.

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