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Billet Box Doug Dino firmware.

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Hi guys

I'm new to the DNA forum after getting my first 2 DNA devices in quick succession.....why have I waited this long??

Ok, does anyone know, or has anyone got access to a copy of the original BB interface eg the Doug Dino.......if it could be PM'ed that would be great.

Perhaps someone could make a copy of it on escribe and send me the file, it would be much appreciated :)



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I might be wrong but from what I can see after looking at the firmware, it's basically only the theme that is different, as the standard evolve software covers all the and even the basic firmware gets updated once you plug in your device.  I went through the whole process because my DNA40 Dober Billet Box chose the path of the darkness so I had to do a complete rebuild.  Question is, is it a nice to have or need to want? Sharing the firmware/theme could spike a lot of clone sales being pushed as authentic... 

What's your thoughts on this?

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Hi Pieter 

I partly agree that it gives the dishonest person another way of passing an authentic off as an OG but don't forget that the clone has a USB and any sale of an OG BB has so many photos that trickery is virtually impossible.   I admit that third party accessories can be used to cover the port but a simple request to see the interior would solve the problem. 

I have a mixture of both clones and authentics and to be honest since I got a copy of the OG firmware I am more cautious as to who it goes to and most recently I have not agreed to pass it on  to anybody I don't have prior knowledge of and have some modicum of trust in.  It was a long-term friend who originally let me have it. 

It can be a contentious issue but if you think about it it need not be for the reasons above. I for one am confident that I would never be tricked into buying a clone as an OG. 

Yours cautiously 

Charlie 😎

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