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DNA 250c T1 Balanced tap out Pin arced and burnt out. As long as I don't use the usb to charge is it fine?

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So I am not sure how (possible juice leak?) but on one of my early prototypes mods I designed the T1 balanced tap out pin on my DNA 250c  got arced and burnt up to where there is no longer any viable connection from the tap pin.  I never use the USB to charge any of my mods, and I would like to keep using the chip to test builds I do. As long as I don't use the usb to charge is it ok to still use the chip with no connection to the positive from the T1 connection? Or does it also balance the amount of draw from each battery? I've never understood if which was the case. Any info would be great. I would like to get it fixed but I am not sure if that is something that would be covered under Warranty. The chip still functions just fine and the damage was limited to just the T1 connection pin. Thanks in advance for your help.

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