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316L Aliens - Cotton burns through in a day - Help

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you did it again... :-s

Told you that these weirdo-fancy coils can't be properly calculated... and because dead rabbit is a dual coiler, you probably end up too low in ohms... again.

Get some cheap round wire, 26 Gauge SS304 or SS316, and make 2 coils with 3 mm diameter and 5,5 wraps (its half wraps because your legs point into the same direction on the rabbit, if they point into opposite direction its full wraps, 5 or 6).

That will give you around 0.2something ohms. Than you set the power to 35 watts. And then try and adjust.

With these fat wires I dunno.... you have to try.... try to get above 0.2 ohms... The longer the coil (more wraps) the higher you get with the ohms.

I would guess try 6 or 7 wraps and see where you come out. Dead rabbit has lots of space available, so eye-ball it and try. Or get a decent round wire 😉

I am happy with mine... cheap, easy to build, and I can do everything from 0.2 to 1.5 if I want.

Temp is as I also already said related to what kind of liquid you use.

Just don't go higher than 250°C...

Try 225-235°C. Thats my average range...

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