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Mythical Mystical Phantom Calibration tool

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1 minute ago, dwcraig1 said:

But who these days has an old carto lying around?

Yep..  I actually just junked all my ancient stuff a couple weeks ago.

But more importantly is that I HATE dealing with solder..  We don't really get along too well. :)   I can fumble my way around in a pinch, but if there's a way I can avoid it...

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52 minutes ago, MacVap said:

I use the tightening tool mentioned: https://www.fasttech.com/product/7462700


I was looking at that the other day, and was wondering if it could be used for this.

Good to know.  I already ordered one of the fancy ones.  I was going to get 2 in case I lose one, but that price. :)  So I guess I'll do the next best thing - get 1 of the fancy ones, and get one of the FT ones on my next order from them.  Gotta love FT!

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