JAC VAPOUR SERIES B DNA75 wrong coil reading

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Hi there, are 2 weeks that I have a box. I can consider myself not satisfied. I bought this box for use in TC, but as previously described in the mails I find it frustrating the non-linear behavior of the box in the management of the temperature / watt according to the reading of the resistance value. I tried several wires and atomizers and USB cable but after a brief apparent recovery continues to present the same problem. Only when connected to Escribe does the situation improve. When not connected to PC some time changes profile without reason or switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Any  suggestion. Thank you.

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Check all your profiles and make sure all are set to F or to C, whichever one you use...  The sometime change in profiles without reason may be bouncing to non-TC from TC  due to atty or wire issues and the switching fro C to F may be due to not setting all profiles to either C or to F.  Best guess I have from the limited information you give...

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