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I am new to the DNA75C board and have been trying to make a custom theme setup for my Vicious Ant Spade 21700 DNA75C to no avail. Turns out I'm terrible at even attempting to make a custom theme. I was hoping that I could drop these images and someone would be able to do something cool with it. I would love the lock screen to be the image of the two guys (Sasuke and Naruto from Naruto Shippuden). As for the other two, whoever makes it you're more than welcome to decide which screen it will be on. As for the positioning, I would prefer a vertical setup as I'm not accustomed to turning my mod sideways to maneuver through the settings. I'm not really sure on specifics to be fair, or if this is even possible, but anything would be more than great as long as it is fully functioning. I'm sorry if I sound overly specific, really anything would be great. Thank you in advanced!


Sennin Kyuubi.jpg

Naruto wallpaper.jpg

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