With Replay, is there still any need for TC mode?

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New user, I've had trouble with temp protect errors with no firing when I try to use the molecule coil on a Sai TAF in TC profile. I think I strummed it correctly, but it was my first attempt and I don't have another to try. TC works fine with the Ti and Quartz buckets. The mole works fine in Replay without TC, I fired until there was the beginning of vapor production and saved that. It works great pretty much every time. I am I missing something by not using TC with the mole, or does Replay just replace it? 

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It is fair to say replay replaces temp control, it is built on top of Evolv's temp control tech and couldn't work without it.  A bit like some cars having computerised driving aids replay would be like the manufactures preset that works for most folks, but having all the fine adjustments with TC is more akin to a track car and can provide greater control and performance when desired.

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