Constant temp protect warning in wattage mode

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So I have a customer with a mod that in wattage mode constantly says temp protect as soon as you fire. It used to work fine in watt boost though. Now it is doing it there too. What can I do to get rid of this message and get this guy rolling again? The mod is a 250 dual 21700 200w.  I do not have the mod yet but he has never had it hooked to escribe. I have had other boards do this in wattage mode but always worked fine in watt boost.

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Hmmmm, for starters you might get him to upgrade to the latest firmware (SP19).  Also, that temp protect message behaviour has been changed on these color boards to also identify run-away ohms in non TC mode. He can address the firmware from the comfort of his home with no downtime. If that doesn't solve it, then you should look at the build.

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