Replay Warmth Option - some checks

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did use a 0.5 Pod and connected it to the device monitor. Reset the mod to default so 8 Watt and 6 Boost which i reduced to 5. 
Another change was the Replay Warmth Option from 5 to 6.
Here are 2 pictures from the monitoring.

Without Replay the mod starts to boost und goes down to the wattage which was selected. As soon as Replay is activated the device boost and the pulses with the value you set on warmth option.
Does not matter what maximum selection you made on the settings tab. it can be even double as much wattage as you set before. 
The curve from replay keeps the coil and so the flavour on a higher or minimum the same wattage you set on the DL/MTL settings.
If the coil is cold it even went up to  18 Watt in replay together with the boost which was around 11 or 12. So 8 + 5 + Warmth Option 6 = 19 Watt  it looks like. 

With this your vape will of course get warmer but your coil gets more power and may burn the liquid into the coil. 

While the resistance kept pretty stable after heating the coil up. 

Monosnap 2018-11-28 17-22-28.png

Monosnap 2018-11-28 17-28-41.png

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Set boost mode to Zero.  Kept warmth at 4.

Acted pretty the same in replay as in normal mode . First 4 curves.
Then activated boost mode with 4 and kept warmth with 4. 
Mod used Boost and Warmth option in Replay when fired and felt down as the resistance went up.
Nearly a TC Mod with Boost. And as a bonus a pulsing to keep the vape warmer by using more wattage then set on the settings of the mod.

Depending on the warmth value your coil can get up to the tripple amount of wattage that you set at the beginning. So boost and wattage.  
And will stay over the limits when the pulse comes into effect.

Device Monitor - Orion_Black_Armin 2018-11-28 17-55-06.png

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The warmth option together with the replay is really a cool feature which i do like.

Takes from my view a bit more energy but delivers the vape "warmness" you like and  can be set on your taste.
I drew a line from the "normal" 8 Watt settings and compared it against the warmth factor which pulses the device with higher wattage.

Plus the feature to save you against dry hits. 

Now i just need to figure out how i can keep my custard from branding to fast into the coils and wick... Another challenge..

Lost Vape Orion Pod Mod - Seite 7 - Neueste Geräte auf dem Markt - Das Dampferforum zu E-Zigaretten, Liquid und Mods 2018-11-28 20-08-10.png

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