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DNA200 2 x 18650 Not Registering Cell 1

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So I had an old triade which was so battle worn it was a mess, but the chip still worked flawlessly. So I bought a new case and was going to swap the old board into it, I followed all the wiring seen in the attached photo, and when I go to fire it up, the Lost Vape logo flashes then nothing. When I connect to Escribe it registers the device but when in the diagnostics it shows cell 1 with no power. I did change it to 2 battery mode and uploaded the settings. Still nothing. I double checked and rechecked the wiring. Nothing seems to be shorting or anything like that so I am at a loss right now on what is wrong. 

By the way this is my first post here, but a long time DNA user. 





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Personally, the first thing I would check is to make crazy sure the tabs on the sled were making fantastic contact with the batteries. I can not tell you how many battery sled tabs have been off center enough to rest on the flame jacket of the battery instead of the actual posts. 

Next, I would look for cold joints on the tabs. Not as likely in my experience, but hey, anything is possible, right?

Next, look at the solder joints on the board. Still, not likely you fubbed it, but just make sure. 

I've had a few weird board failures switching boards around, so if all else fails, reach out to evolve.

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Looking at the pictures, that contact at the bottom right....that guy looks like it might give you issues. Also, where are the actual power wires? I honestly don't know if the board using the power wires when reading the different cells (I doubt it), but I'd also try hooking up the juice before reaching out to evolv.

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