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Heys guys. I've owned many DNA devices over the years and my experience in this regard has always been similar, but I figured I should ask for clarification. When you open Atomizer Analyzer in Escribe, what do you guys consider to be a "stable" resistance? In atty analyzer, most of my attys, on all my DNA mods, the same build will fluctuate from 0.224 to 0.228 ohms for example. Is this considered "stable"?

I ask because my experience using Replay is very lackluster, and I was wondering if a few milliohm fluctuations could cause a problem. On two 250Cs, I will save a puff at 45 watts and it is fine. A few hours later, I will go to take a puff and it fires at 35 watts and is a colder vape. I have to stop Replay, take a puff, and then save it again. The only time I do not have an issue is when I turn Warmth all the way down, it then works pretty flawlessly (I think it is flawless, but I have no idea what the graphs should look like in the Device Monitor for a normal puff vs the saved puff).

Thanks in advance, guys.

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As far as I understand, Replay is supposed to give you the same flavour by reading and changing a variety of parameters.

So if you were to fire at 45 watts on a freshly primed coil, the vapor and warmth might be higher compared to say 8 puffs later, as Replay will try reproduce the same flavor by changing the parameters, so when you initially fired at 45 watts it now fires at 10 watts to get the last bit of juice out of the cotton without actually burning the cotton, this would result in lower watts and a colder vape but the flavour would be relatively the same.

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