HELP create CSV for Samsung 40T/VapCell Gold 30A 4000mAh 21700

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I have never needed to bother with battery CSV files, as I only used all 18650 batteries, and used the stock Escribe battery setting for 18650 batteries. I now own a Lost Vape "Mirage" mod, that can take 21700 batteries. I read all the reviews, mostly the "Battery Mooch" and his tests, and decided to buy the newly released VapCell Gold 30A 4000mAh 21700, which is reported to be a genuine REWRAP,  of the "Sanyo 40T", same specs.

Wondering how to transpose the tests results from the Mooch tests to Escribe to create a CSV file?  Below are his test results:

mAh: 3900

CDR: 30A

ENERGY TO 3.2 volts:

11.4Wh @ 10A

10.0Wh @ 20A

8.1 Wh @ 30A

Any help, or advise is appreciated. THANKS!




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You also can run Battery Analyzer yourself which creates the discharge profile.  You could share this with others also....  

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I am also looking for the 40T CSV for this same battery for both my Mirage and Boxer Squonk.


If anyone can be of assistance with the CSV or a source for the appropriate resistor to create the CSV myself that would be great! 

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