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hey everyone, I have a couple of questions

1. I want to be on the latest beta firmware, on the website it says its sp12 however when I connected to escribe it offered sp27. Which is newer?

2. I want boost in wattage mode, right now I'm on sp27 international and the boost just isn't working, is it due to the firmware or what should I do? thank you


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SP12 is the Escribe version, which is the latest beta for the 75C (there is a v13, but it’s only has updates for the 250C)

SP27 is indeed the latest beta firmware for the 75C.

Concerning boost, make sure you’re in wattage mode, enable boost, and set the punch to a value between 1 and 11, preferably around 7 for testing. Take a puff and check the monitor; you should see a spike. Note that your wattage will need to be somewhere below 75 to see a boost, or you can check that the maximum output wattage is set to 100 in Escribe to boost past 75W. 

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14 hours ago, PatrickSmith said:

Thank you so much! Is there any way I can set the boost time? 

I don't believe so; if I remember correctly, the early betas of Boost allowed wattage and time to be specified; however, the latest iteration condenses these into the Punch factor. I'm assuming punch is an aggregate measure of power plus time, on a scale of 1 to 11. Don't quote me on this though :)

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