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Does this look right ?

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Ok so just been messin around with Escribe this morning & familiarizing myself with all the settings. 

I recorded and attached a small clip of 2-5 second fires both batts as you can see are at 4.20V but at the end of the 1st fire the voltage drops down to 4.15 then slowly climbs back up as the USB charges them. Then the 2nd fire they drop down to 4.13 I think it said.

Is it normal for them to dip so low after only a 5 second fire ?  Batteries are AWT IMR 18650 3.7V 3000MAH 40A and approx 2 years I've had them..

Also I'm wondering if there is a way to test each component on the board before I send it in I've got the tools and love tinkering with circuitry ! Just need to know which components should read what on my MM..

Peace and Thank You ! :victory:


EDIT: Sorry forgot the reason why I need to send it in, there's nothing on the screen its dead blank. I can order one and replace it myself but it was mentioned that something else could potentially be wrong with it..

voltage test.csv

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@WickedJack Hey there!

Assuming the AWT cells are of decent quality, yes that's normal for a sharp dip in voltage from 4.20v to nominal voltage of the cell(s). Is there a reason you prefer buying re-wrapped cells over buying actual Sony, Samsung, LG, Sanyo/Panasonic branded cells? FYI, those AWT cells are most likely the 3000 mah. 20 amp  LG HG2 cells. They are definitely not 40 amps. There is no 18650, in existence, that is 40 amps. I personally use and recommend the Sony VTC5A for almost anything we vape these days. 2600 mah and 25 amp. They're are great cells and Device Monitor will show that.

As for specific components to check on the board when diagnosing  a "no image" problem, no not really. You would need a known good working board to compare voltages, resistances capacitances etc etc etc.

Best bet is to contact Evolv. They're help link is at the bottom in my sig.

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No reason, I got them new with a mod that crapped out on me. They worked awesome and lasted days of chain vaping so I just never "needed" more. My other backup has a built in Lipo so dont need to do surgery on that as of yet. I've been vaping for about 4 years now and have only had 4 box mods a few "spinner pens" or whatever their called (cheap crap) lol and basically have gotten away rather on the cheap side of not absolutely needing to buy a new one every few months. I mix my own juice so thats extremely cheap as well. I will grab some better batts (and lookin at the Opus charger) soon enough :)

Thank you ChunkyButt200 

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