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Hi, i'm new to DNA. I have dna 75c paranormal and hcigar vt75 nano dna. Got 2 attys built in dc clapton wires 26g 7 loops on smm rta and 7 loops wasp nano rdta both have single coiled atty. I noticed my mod's resistance from.66 jumps to .71 everytime I vape it. I tried using both attys on the hcigar, there it's worse. The jump goes from .60 down to .4 and other numbers. With the paranormal, from .66 to .71 every hit.

Your answers will be much appreciated. 




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On the Paranormal, the ohms jumping around has to do with the threadlock used on the 510. here is a post to help with that: 

with the vt75, it also has to do with the 510, the stainless top piece, where the atomizer attaches is just threaded into the aluminum housing of the mod. if this is loose, or if juice gets into the threads, it will have a hard time grounding, causing atomizer reading issues. Try tightening the ring, down snug, it should help remedy the error. just do not tighten it too tight, as you can crack the plastic underneath. 

If you still have issues, or do not feel comfortable doing the fixes yourself, open a ticket with Evolv.

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Hi guys! 

I'm new to vaping and I just need some inputs and suggestions from pros like u guys.😊 

Mod: paranormal DNA 75 c

Atty: wasp nano rdta (single coil)

Current build: dc Clapton wire 26 gauge, 7loops

What's the best wattage to vape on?

If I vape at 40w, volts go up to 5.45 

Ohms at .6 when the coil heats up goes up a bit up to .7 

Haven't found my vape's sweet spot yet.

Scared of ramping up the wattage, because the voltage goes high too. 😊

I also get spitbacks at 35-40w sometimes.

Build was done yesterday at the local shop.

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