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DNA 250 inbuilt battery problem..Please Help


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I have a DNA 250 device which has inbuilt battery (Tugboat Tuglyfe 250 DNA

It has inbuilt Lipo battery and recently purchased.

Suddenly the device has stopped charging and when connected to Escribe cell 1 shows 3.7V, Cell 2 shows 0.83 and cell 3V is showing 2.98V.

Also while the device is connected to the charger it does not show the charging sign and also not getting charged.

I have been using the device very carefully and have also been charging my device with a good 2AMP charger.

I have tried also upgrading the service pack to SP5.


Please suggest what can be done i am also sharing a picture of the device monitor. 


Need help 


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Check the cell voltages of the battery (with a volt metre each adjacent pair of connections on the balance plug) if they are different from what the DNA reports check the balance wires connections are all clean and secure.  If they are the same you could have a faulty battery or board, I would charge the battery externally refit and check they discharge evenly within a few millivolts, you may need to get the volt metre out to check, if they don't it is the battery.

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