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SHORTED** now just 0% battery


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hoping i could get some help with my Lost Vape Efusion DUO DNA200. For some reason the lipo battery went down to 0% last night (ive never seen it go lower than 10%) so i charged it and went to use it this morning and it said SHORTED and the battery level was still 0%. Just got home from work and it no longer says shorted but when i hit the fire button the welcome screen will flash for 1second and then go black (still at 0%). I cant get it to charge via the computer or wall port. Anyone have any ideas? Did my lipo die? its only a few months old.

device monitor: https://i.imgur.com/EHzjxvT.png


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If the board is reporting the cell voltages correctly, the pack is discharged below safe limits. You could try recovery charging, but it might be time for a new battery.

You could also have a board failure or a bad ground. I had this happen in a VT250s, it needed the battery and 510 wires resoldered.

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Well it will fix it... but it might fail again. 

In my case the mod (vt250s) had the 510 shorting to the custom board that switches between 2/3 batteries. That was causing all kind of odd things to happen, and eventually killed a DNA board. 

In my experience, the SHORTED isn’t a fatal issue. Check the wiring and soldering. 

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