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DNA60 SS316L issues in TC mode

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My Esquare DNA60 is having problems doing TC with SS316L.  I put in a new coil, it won't change its resistances from the last one, pop out batteries, still won't, take off atty and hit fire, still won't change.  Ohms aren't locked at all and even if I move it to device diagnostics it STILL shows the last coil under live ohms for no reason.


To make it worse on a 0.65ohm 26gSS316L single coil it just will continually nuke the coil with 50w-60w when the temp is set to 450f and just decimate any coil I put into it.  No matter how I build, if I lock ohms or not, its just isn't doing TC correct by any measure.  I've flashed the device to 3 times now and the problem is still there.  Does anyone have any solutions.  I bought this mod for its great TC but so far $20 mod's chip is much more reliable.

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