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Paranormal parallel batteries

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I was wondering since the paranormal is 2 parallel 18650s do i set the battery profile for 2 vtc6s or just 1 vtc6? by the way im using vtc6s


edit after rereading my post this sounds a bit confusing....what i mean is do i download the cvs for 2 vtc6 batteries or do i download the cvs for 1 vtc6 battery....im trying to customize my battery curve, and i was a bit confused as to which custom curve to use for 1 battery or 2 batteries since they are in parallel 

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Just received a lost vape paranormal and need to purchase batteries. Could anyone help me out as to what batteries would suit?

I currently vape mtl at 17 watts on a cool fire plus using a 1.5 ohm coil in an aspire nautilus x. 

Would like to get a similar vape with as long of a battery life as possible.

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