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Is there a way to show the charging current when not connected to your PC?    I added the charge current which works fine when plugged into the PC but not when charging via wall wart.  

I'm only about three hours in of owning a "75C".   Just messing with current themes before trying my own.   



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What is it doing for you when charging from the wall?

The USB Charge Current on DNA 75C is an estimate based on USB Voltage drop, since (like a DNA 75 but unlike a DNA 200 or 250) it uses a charger chip instead of on-board charging, so we don't have any way to read the current directly.

The estimate works with many chargers, but not all. We mostly use it to improve the case thermal modeling.

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Thanks for your inputs.   I always have three wallwarts at my desk and the one I was using just happened to not show anything.  The other two do show a charge current (a Samsung and Apple).   

I do notice the charge rate doesn't show the full 1 amp like you said James but it works at least.   I sometimes have issues with my car charge part and on the old boards, I always had the rate visible...just to show it's actually charging.  

But to whoever was involved with the screen development, well done!   I do industrial HMI development for a living and I am impressed.  Even caught myself editing themes on one screen while doing my "job" on the others yesterday.   

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